18: They Are Really Important

We speak with Dr. Maria Dittrich of the University of Toronto about the threats facing large lakes on a global scale.
Scientists communicate findings in many different ways. When the information gathered points to a particularly dire situation, they may issue a warning to humanity. Forty-two scientists recently co-authored such a warning of rapid degradation of the world's large lakes. In the paper, they summarize threats observed across the globe, what these may mean for the systems humans and wildlife depend on, and how humans can help. In this episode of Teach Me About the Great Lakes, Stuart Carlton and Carolyn Foley speak with one of the study's co-authors, Dr. Maria Dittich, an associate professor of environmental science at the University of Toronto Scarborough. They discuss what the issues are, how humans can help, and how this paper came together.

Host & Executive Producer: Stuart Carlton
Co-host: Carolyn Foley
Producers: Hope Charters, Carolyn Foley, Megan Gunn, & Irene Miles
Associate Producer: Ethan Chitty
Music by: Stuart Carlton