29: I Love a Good Collaboration

AIS prevention draft! Carolyn, Megan, and Stuart team up with a cast of experts to draft methods for preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes. Featuring Tim Campbell of Wisconsin Sea grant, Greg Hitzroth of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, and Olivier Morrisette of Québec Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks. Plus... bonus commentary from Bonnie Willison and Sydney Widell, stars of the Introduced podcast!
USGS NAS Sighting App (iOS | Android)
Tim’s Journal of Extension paper on StopTheSpiny.com

!!!!!!!!SPOILER ZONE!!!!!!!!

1954 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries -> 
Terri Hallesy -> Sewing the seed early of invasive species prevention
Attack Packs (?)

Stop Aquatic Hitchikers - 2002 Sea Grant Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force

Be a Hero, Transport Zero
Disinfecting equipment when you get home

The Creativity of Partners to Install Cleaning Stations
Things that you can touch -> booths, living things, etc.

Apps/EDD Maps
Ballast Water Exchange

Knowledge, but the right type of knowledge
Removing barriers

Host & Executive Producer: Stuart Carlton
Cohosts: Megan Gunn and Carolyn Foley
Producers: Hope Charters, Carolyn Foley, Megan Gunn, & Irene Miles
Associate Producer: Ethan Chitty